The Son and The Moon

Following an interview with a participant in my research who spoke openly about his experience of adoption, I decided to write this piece from his perspective. 

The Son and The Moon

I remember when I was young,

my parents told me ‘never look into the sun’,

And I was their sun,

So I never looked into the mirror,

in case I went blind,

In case, of what I might find.


You see they weren’t really my parents,

And I wasn’t really their sun,

I was more like,

The Moon,

The dim light that shines on mother Earth at night,

But just a reflection,

of what shone in the afternoon.


Sort of a like a mirror eh?

Maybe that’s why I avoided the mirror?

Because when you put a mirror in front of a mirror, there are endless reflections,

Light bounces back and forth, neither mirror accepting it as their own,

Both indifferent,

Endless reflections, but none significant.


It’s hard to know how to be yourself,

But self-knowledge isn’t a book you find on a book shelf,

Too many problems to list them, not enough people to listen.


Shane O’Donnell